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Officially established in 2006, the Night-Wolves ice hockey club was founded by a coach/player dressed in number "10" , who brought together crack elements of dedicated professionals, outlaws, nomads and local enthusiast​, with the simple philosophy that ice hockey was for everyone

The appropriately named Night-Wolves, would welcome any chance to take the ice and quite often found themselves playing in the moonlight hours, and sometimes even onto dawn

For the early years, the Night-Wolves were based out of the historic Streatham ice arena which was first opened in 1931, however after the many hard-hitting years of hockey it all took a toll on the famous Streatham arena and it finally closed in 2011

For the next 22 months the Night-Wolves made a temporary rink in the heart of Brixton, South London their new home, where they continued to grow and introduce a new community to ice hockey

Since November 2013 the Night-Wolves have returned to their old den of Streatham, South London, playing out of London’s newest olympic sized pad on the infamous high road

Today the Night-Wolves can be found in Streatham, still playing all year round, still on the ice two to three times a week only now at much more reasonable times of the evening.

Each year the Night-Wolves run an in-house tournament for all players willing to put themselves forward for a chance at glory and gloating right.


At each opportunity the Night-Wolves jump at the chance to take their South-London brand of hockey out to the world, in recent years traveling to Vancouver , Las Vegas and Japan as well as hosting home games for teams from as far as Russia and Montreal.

In 2017 the Night-Wolves lost one of its original and most loved player James Graham, known to many on the team as Jim.


Hailing from Canada Jim embodied everything hockey, always had a good story and knew how to have fun. Over the years Jim not only had an unmeasurable impact on the Night-Wolves but a profound influence on all of Hockey in Streatham.


Despite poor health Jim continued to show his strength and play competitively right into his last days.

To this day Jim is still deeply missed and nobody has or will ever dawn his number 55 onto the ice again

During Covid-19, outside of lockdown, the Night-Wolves manged to keep ice hockey alive in Streatham for three nights a week


This was done by creating new changing spaces, putting a one way system into place and by dividing the rink into three.


In each of the three section they ran two groups of three on three facilitating six groups in total and observing the rule of six.

Over the years the Night-Wolves have seen many changes, but the old philosophy remains the same, Hockey is for everyone.

Night-Wolves Community
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