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When we train


Training takes place twice a week from 8.30 pm

Fridays nights are session for beginners and intermediate players, but unfortunetely due to there popularity are closed to all new players

Wednesday nights are invited only and for Intermediate to higher level players

What we provide


A welcoming, inclusive, light-hearted environment geared to improving while having fun

Experienced coaching on and off ice at all levels

Access to full Kit for new starters

A fantastic social experience

What to expect


Training consists of warm ups, drills and scrimmages 

Some weeks this may consist of full ice drill other weeks half ice or small area games.


All Training is contact but is non checking / non fighting

Where possible players train in groups of simular abilities

What it costs


Each session is £15 and can be paid nightly or in advance of monthly installments

All Net-minders train for free but on some night may have to share ice time

If you decide to join the team there are annual registration fees due at the start of the season for all players

Whats the Benefits


There are many health benefits to Ice hockey. it incorporates elements of strength, balance, coordination, agility & endurance. 

Ice hockey is one of the best cardiovascular games you can play, it works on all of the body’s major muscle groups and includes elements of enhanced muscle training and interval training

Being a fast pace, disciplined, strategic team sport, requiring an extended concentration and ability to make precise well timed decisions Ice hockey is also one of the most mentally developing sports you can play 

What I need to play


All players will need a basic grasp of the fundamentals of ice skating, notable to be able to stand unassisted


For beginners full kit can be provided for both Skaters and Net-minder free of charge but you will need your own sweats (under amour), gum shield and water bottle. 

Ice skates can also be provided in certain sizes but it recommended you have you own

About the facilities


Streatham ice rink is a Olympic size ice rink and larger than the standard north american rink

The rink facilities include security lockers, separate male / female changing rooms, Kit rooms, toilet and shower facilities

The rink also has parking facilitates, the entrance for which is shared with Tesco's next door

Joining the Team


Under EIHA guidelines every new player is entitles to three training session. After the three sessions new players will be required to sign with a team.

First time registrations fees are £60, re-registration is £55. All Fee are paid annually to the EIHA

Team membership is currently free. Game jerseys can be provided free of charge but can also be purchased with custom names and numbers

What we also do

By playing with the Night-Wolves you can look forward to:


A variety of different level games both at home and away

Summer and Winter in-house leagues

National tournaments, Training camps and Overseas tours

 but most importantly social events and nights out

Anything else?


If you are a new starter it is recommended you arrive 45 minutes before the session 

Under EIHA rules no player can play without prior consent from the team management so please make contact before taking to the ice. Feel free to message us or turn up in person for a quick chat

The majority of games are free to watch and take place on Saturdays and Sundays

Find us

New Players


Unfortunately, At the moment we are unable to take on any new members / players as we have reached our maximum capacity

If you are interested in starting with us please contact us and we will add you to the waiting list

If you are a returning player or have previous experience playing ice hockey wishing to join the team, please email us and we will consider your request


Contact us


For general enquiries please contact

To arrange a game please contact


Where to find us


390 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London, SW16 6HX

Buses to Streatham:

60, 118, N133, 249, G1, 50, 109, N109, 250, 255, P13, 133, 159, 57, 201, 333

Closest stations:

Streatham, Streatham common


Better Parking (entrance shared with Tesco's), 390 Streatham High Road, Streatham

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